Story & vision

TL;DR: We are here to give ecommerce the data, the insights and the tools they need for running their business efficiently and sustainably

The modern world is driven by data, yet not everyone is able to leverage that new knowledge.

We've seen a company where the marketing team was hitting the targets and celebrating, while the warehouse was full of unsold goods. Unsurprisingly, the company bankrupted, people were laid off and the founders learned a hard lesson about running a sustainable business.

What happened was that the company operated in silos. Each team had their own piece of data, but they never put together the full picture. They trusted the algorithms of Facebook and Google to promote the best products, but had very little visibility or control of what's really happening.

Well, ROI Hunter is here to fix that 💪

We build a platform that services the full circle:

  • We plug in all the data sources and build smart product segments with actionable insights
  • The company uses the insights to tweak the campaigns, the visuals, or the products they offer
  • Each such change produces new data and automatically refines the segments and insights

As a result, not only the company is doing better, but also its customers are no longer spammed with irrelevant ads 🙌

How it all started

At the very beginning, ROI Hunter was a nameless internal tool for managing Facebook ads. It was quite challenging to run ads at scale back in the day, so we built a few scripts for that. Then those scripts became pages, we added a database and the whole thing started to look much more like a product.

That's when Facebook noticed us and invited our CEO to their London office. We were using their API heavily, some would even say aggresively, which is why Karel expected a scolding. Instead, we were offered to become Facebook's official Marketing Partner! That allowed us to be in a direct contact with Facebookers, being involved in feature development, and get early access to all the new things 🤩

We put together a dedicated development team, built a proper brand for the product, and started successfully selling it.

As we gathered more experience from the partnership as well as from our clients, it became clear that there's an opportunity to build much more. Something, that's not just another tool for ads management, but something that covers all ecommerce marketing activities, leverages the data, and bridges the gap between the teams.

That's where our next chapter began. And now we are on the way to unlock the full potential of modern retail 🚀